To achieve long-term success in betting, you’ll need to master many skills. However, two skills are essential. Until not control them, nowhere to move. It is the willingness to constantly learn and the ability to skip his ego.

1) You must be willing to constantly learn

If you really want to succeed, you must continually expand their horizons. You may not be satisfied with the fact that something somehow “generally” works. You have to have as much knowledge to be able to optimally determine the various individual situations. Many professional bettors wagering create their own models, which analyze and adapt to the situation. So far, while still treat you do not, but you can see that success does not come for free.

Many bettors liked conveys general “wisdom,” however, this advice is do not drive literally. Of course, experienced punters can provide useful information, but you still need to engage their critical thinking and draw your own conclusions. That way you can find out what industry you are doing what you have strengths and weaknesses like.

Useful information can get, for example, in our school setting.

2) Learn to skip his ego

You must realize that you are not and will never be an expert in all sports and leagues. Every sports bettor who wants to achieve long-term success, you must recognize this fact and reconcile with him. You must bury their ego. Never you must not allow him to vie in the way of your “cool” decision. Betting is the final outcome, not the (temporary) satisfying your ego.

If you have the chance, at least initially consult their analysis and thought processes are experienced punters. Two heads is better than one. Beware service offering betting tips for the money (eg. A monthly subscription) – these services are usually one big scam.

The betting is also very important psychological aspect of the whole thing. Therefore, you are strongly advised to study psychology in betting. Great resources can be found in our section Psychology.

What is the key to profitable betting on the NHL playoffs? That’s what we will cover in today’s article. Fighting for Stanley Cup are in full swing, making it the perfect time for it to cut a piece of your pie. We have prepared for you above 4 tips that will help you to do.

Before we proceed to the specific tips, I repeat that you must work out the differences between the rounds and the play-off (for more information on this topic can be found in Article 10 of the basic differences between parts of a play-off). The information provided in combination with the following four strategic tips will help you to increase your success.

1) Avoid betting on Puck Lines

Use of Puck Lines and other alternative bets you may well help to increase profits, but this is true only for the basic part of the competition. In the NHL playoffs leads a maximum deployment of teams that matches often end up one goal difference. Against betting on Puck Lines speaks to that playoff teams after winning the leadership rather withdraw into defense. They do not want to risk that the opponent will score the equalizing goal and the coach does not want to unnecessarily exaggerated tired of offensive activity. After all, to gain a Stanley Cup is to be 16 wins.

For this reason, you should stick to prefer betting on the winner eventually. the draw. Otherwise you because of his greed lose a considerable sum.

2) Be wary of betting on the total number of goals

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Bookmakers know that Stanley Cup wins mostly good defensive. And more importantly, they know that punters know it too! These facts adapts its approach, the influence of which is much more difficult to find a good value. Sometimes sázkovky pushes courses until such point that this type of bet virtually unplayable. Whether one way or another, when betting on the total number of goals you have to be very picky.

In addition to be selective but you also need flexibility. It is worth noting that in the first two rounds of play-off matches often ending Overy, while in the other knockout rounds of fighting it’s been the opposite. Over the last five years, it has always been and is very likely to do so again this year.

3) Do not rely on a number of basic parts

Too often people in the play-off betting on any team because they dominated in the first part. These punters blindly believe that the team’s momentum carried over into the playoffs. This assumption but very often leads to defeat (and the fact that they miss punters betting opportunities with good value). Of course, it is possible that the team will continue excellent performance of the regular season, but in the play-off dramatically change many factors, so continued dominance of any team not at all certain.

This fact is confirmed by the fact that over the last 10 years has only happened 2x that Stanley Cup winning team that has accumulated the most points in the rounds (Chicago Blackhawks in the year 2012 to 2013 and previously Detroit Red Wings in the year 2007-2008). As you can see, success in regular season NHL does not guarantee success in the playoffs.

4) Avoid future bets

A lot of bettors is clamped to the future bets (futures), which means that, for example, forward betting on the winner of the Stanley Cup – usually on a black horse with a relatively high rate. Shrewd punters but know that this procedure is very disadvantageous for several reasons.

Most of them thus dares even during the rounds, let alone in the playoffs. The first disadvantage is that quite a long time lose part bankroll. Another disadvantage is that they often do not receive adequate courses. Find value in any future stake is quite a difficult task. The market is also constantly moving, so – especially during the NHL playoffs – you do not have a “dead money.”